We’re engaged! Now what?

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Well, I guess now it’s time to start planning a wedding.

That thought actually occurred to me about 4 months into our engagement. We discussed options and decided on a very rough idea of what we wanted shortly after he put a ring on it, but no actual plans were made. Until now. 


I’m not one of those girls who dreamed about her wedding details. I imagined getting married one day, in a long white dress but it was all very vague in my mind. Now that we are engaged, it’s probably a good time to start thinking about the details.

So here’s what we’ve decided: we want a destination wedding. We want to get married on the beach next to blue, clear water. We want a casual affair that’s more fun than sophisticated. Mr. B doesn’t want to wear shoes, he wants his toes in the sand, and I don’t want to stress myself out over all the little things that will send my already tightly-wound personality into overdrive. We don’t want a million people there for the ceremony because neither of us are very comfortable being the center of attention, and with both of us having large extended families, an enormous local wedding would be almost unavoidable. We want it to be more of a celebration than a performance. And we don’t want to risk the local weather, which boasts about 52 sunny days per year. We are summer people, and we want summer weather. So it only made sense for us to turn our wedding into the trip of a lifetime with our nearest and dearest.

When we began researching possible venues, we looked into getting married on a Caribbean island. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any luck finding an affordable, all-inclusive resort, so we shifted our focus to Mexico. With the help of two travel agents, the internet, and my travel-savvy mother, we researched almost every resort in a 500 mile radius of Cancun. 

Early on, Mr. B and I fell in love with one resort in particular, Excellence Riviera Cancun. We believed it would be out of our target price range, but we loved it so much that we compared it to every other resort we found. We discovered many, many lovely resorts, but none felt quite as “right” as the Excellence. Just as we were about to book our 2nd choice resort (which we still would have been very happy with), our rock-star travel agent sent us an email that she had negotiated an even lower price on the Excellence, and it was right within our goal. Score! So we booked a sunset ceremony on the beach at our top-choice venue. 

We finally have a date set, five months into our engagement. I’m thrilled, but it still feels surreal. Maybe when I get into more wedding planning stuff it will start to feel more like reality? I’m not sure. 

I am sure, though, that a destination wedding was the right choice for us, especially for me as a bride. Every single person that we’ve told about this decision (including everyone I encountered at a recent bridal show) has told us either, “We should have had a destination wedding when we got married. So smart of you!” or, “We had a destination wedding when we got married, and it was the best decision we could have made!” Still, I knew the moment we booked that this was the right choice for us. 

 Now that the “where?” part is handled, I kind of get to breeze through the rest of our engagement. Ok, maybe not breeze, exactly, but there isn’t nearly as much to do as there would be with a traditional wedding. I need to worry about invitations, save the dates and what everyone is wearing, but the travel agent will handle all of our guests needs and the nitty-gritty wedding details won’t be discussed again until about 2 months before the wedding. That’s when I’ll start working with the resort’s wedding coordinator to make the final decisions. Even then, because I will have a finite number of things to choose from, it shouldn’t be so nerve-racking.  

The joy of choosing a laid-back wedding is that it’s my best shot at being a laid-back bride.

HA. I’m sure in a few months we will all be saying, “wasn’t this supposed to be a less stressful way to plan a wedding?”, as I spin myself into a tizzy over some detail. But for now, let’s pretend that Mr. B and I are doing this the easy way, ok? Thanks.

  • Cindi

    Laid back bride? I’ll get back to you on that one 😉

  • I know, I know, but for right now let’s just enjoy the ignorant bliss 🙂