The Best Laid Plans…

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So if you are paying attention to this blog at all, you know I just made a big fuss about being a better blogger and blogging every day. And here it is, Tuesday, and I’m posting for the first time this week. I really had every intention of posting all week, even though I’m on vacation. I’m just that dedicated.

Knowing that we wouldn’t have internet service at the lake house, I called the good people at Verizon and upped my data plan for the month. Since Mr. B and I visited the same lake last year and had no cell service issues at all, I figured I’d just make my phone a hot spot when I wanted to make an appearance in internetland. I had it all figured out. So imagine my surprise when we arrived at the house and my cell phone had little-to-no service. We have enough service to text, but calls drop and there’s certainly not enough service to connect to the internet. 

Oh well, not a huge deal. The house is amazing, the lake is fabulous, and everyone is having a splendid time! Plus, there’s a fast food joint 6 miles down the road where I can sip iced coffee and blog away. The point of the story is that I will not be as consistent this week as I would have hoped. Not the end of the world, and I plan to be back on track next week, I promise. 

I’m also not living up to my blogging resolutions today because I don’t have many images. I forgot my camera on the boat, so I’ll have to show you how pretty everything is another day. But I can show you this gem, a cell phone selfie of Joey and I as we arrived at the lake after a long night of sleeping and driving:


 Joey was not quite as enthusiastic about our arrival as I was. I think he was sick of being in the car. We drove through the night Friday and arrived Saturday morning. The rest of the family trickled in Saturday and Sunday and we all spent yesterday on the lake. Despite hearty amounts of sunscreen and the fact that none of us are strangers to the sun, most of us are already fried. I am sporting a bright red nose and Mr. B is the proud owner of a tomato-hued forehead. My poor brother is downright crispy and is sore from head to toe. Since it is going to be a sunny 94 degrees today, we will be rocking a higher SPF and spending more time in the shade. Well, that will be the goal anyway. But you can’t wakeboard, tube, jet ski or swim in the shade, so we’ll see how that goes.