Someday I Will…

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The Daily Tay

Someday I will…

…spend less time wishing I was playing with my camera, and more time actually taking photos.

…be one of those girls who looks “put together”. (As in, I’ll actually do my hair and make-up and put on real pants everyday. Or at least most days. Let’s not get carried away.)

…figure out what sparks my creativity. Until then it’s trial and error and inspiration dry spells.

…catch a little air on my wakeboard, and – this is the important part- I will land on my feet instead of my face.

…actually get some fruit off of the grape vines I planted and turn it into wine. Maybe next year I’ll get more than 4 grapes? Maybe?

…read Harry Potter. I’d love to know what all the fuss is about.

…have less to stress about…

…or at least manage my stress better.

…make a comfortable living doing a job that is creative and fulfilling and makes me endlessly happy.


What will you do someday?


  • I want to look put together too- just don’t know if I have it in me! And if you make some wine, send me a bottle 🙂

    • I really do, I’m just so torn between wanting to be pretty and fashionable…and wanting to be lazy. I will! As soon as I get my grape vines to, um, grow some grapes. 🙂

  • Get my home office set up so I’m not working at a child’s desk every day.

    Read Harry Potter, by the end of Chapter 1 book 1 you’ll be hooked I promise.

    • Haha I made such a fuss about setting up my home office…and I still mostly work from the bar in the kitchen. Whoops.

      I’m already so sucked in to book 1 that I’m kicking myself for not just buying the whole set at once.

  • JenniJo

    i want all of these things!! 🙂

  • Oh how awesome would it be to make wine from grapes you have grown yourself!!

    • So cool, right?! I just have to convince my grape vines to give me some grapes so I can move onto step #2.

      • If you make the wine, I will road trip to PA from Ohio to help you drink it 🙂 Let’s make this happen grape vines!!

        • That would be amazing! COME ON YOU STUPID GRAPES!

          • Well shit…maybe we’ll just have to ignore the grapes and I’ll come sooner, and we’ll just drink all the other wine!!

          • Umm…OKAY! It’s a blate! 🙂

  • Aw yes, definitely read Harry Potter. I’m not much of a reader, but I really enjoyed them!

    • I’m about 3/4 through book 1, and I’m hooked. I will be reading ALL of them now 🙂

  • sara elizabeth

    reading Harry Potter will be well worth your time, promise!!

    • I’m already loving it! I’m kicking myself for not buying the whole set at once, because I will definitely be reading all of them.