My So-So Weekend

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Happy Monday, everyone. I’m feeling particularly blah today, and my ADD is kicking my butt so I apologize in advance if this post is less than sparkly or downright confusing or riddled with run-on sentences. My brain is not cooperating today.

Did everyone have a good weekend? My wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything special. Saturday we went shopping. Not the fun kind of shopping where I come home with new shoes or the rose gold Michael Kors watch that I’ve been coveting, but the kind of grown-up shopping where you have to spend a bunch of money on a major appliance. We went dryer shopping. In the pouring down rain, so it was a dreary day all around. In the end though, we got a kick-ass deal that made me really happy because we came home with a much nicer dryer than we expected to find within our budget. Then I realized I was freakin’ stoked about a new dryer and immediately felt old and boring. But Mr. B and I ate lunch at Five Guys and my inner fat kid was pleased, so I forgot about being old and boring and stuffed myself with a bacon cheese burger and cajun fries. 

Yesterday we went for a horseback ride, which was a very nice time until my horse, Sally, lost both of her back shoes, and her tender little feet started hurting when we were approximately 7 miles away from home. I felt awful that she was in pain, so I got off her back and walked with her. Even then she was clearly very uncomfortable. Since she’s spoiled, she got a ride back home in the trailer, and she’s scheduled for a mani/pedi later this week. 



I also figured out how to braid Sally’s tail a fun new way (because I still love playing with her hair like she’s a My Little Pony) but I will spare you the photos of my horse’s ass. You’re welcome.

I really hope everyone else is having a more productive Monday than I am. I truly feel like I’m not getting anything done today, and I’m not so thrilled about it. I just can’t get my brain to function properly. But, I did have a very productive day on Friday, and I guess you can’t win them all.

Tell me stories about all the fabulous things that you are accomplishing today so that I may live vicariously through you. Pretty please?