Perfect…or Positive?

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I strive to be a positive person. I consider myself an optimist.

I’m always not as chipper and cheerful as I’d like to be, but I really do try to find the good in every situation. When something unpleasant pops up, I’m the annoying girl who points out the one random (and usually small) bit of good in the mess. “But hey, at least…”

Seeing and focusing on the positive aspect of a situation – instead of dwelling on the negative – makes me a happier person. If I focus on the bad and let that be all that I can see, how can I be happy? Plus, perpetually negative people suck the life out of me (and, I’ve found, everyone else around them), so I make it a point to look for the good. Who wants to be a Debbie Downer all the time? Not this girl.

It is a choice I make. It may not always be the easy choice, but I try. Some days, it would be so much simpler to curl up in a ball and let myself believe I am the victim in my own life story. But I’m not. So I keep reminding myself that there is a little bit of good, a tiny glimmer of hope and joy in everything that happens. The good may not be big, it may not outweigh the bad, but it’s there. So I choose to seek it out and appreciate it.

This attitude touches every aspect of my life – I want it to! – so I’m sure it affects my writing. Despite the occasional rant, I make a real effort to keep the content of my blog upbeat. I try to avoid complaining about things I can’t change, I look for beauty in everyday life, and I find (and focus on) the silver lining of the darkest storm clouds.

Lately though, I’ve been wondering: does my positive attitude come across as me painting a picture of perfection? Where is the line between trying to find the good, and “sugar-coating” my life?

Reading about someone’s “perfect” life is, frankly, annoying as f*ck. Seriously, nobody’s life is perfect. We are human – we make mistakes, we make messes, we trip and fall and spill our wine. It happens. But does my focus on the positive aspects of life come across as me trying to portray a perfect life/home/relationship?

I truly believe that my positive and upbeat “voice” is a true reflection of who I am in real life. My life is far from perfect. My relationships with the people around me are far from perfect. My home is far from perfect. But I make a choice not to focus on the imperfections. I am a happier person when I give my attention to the positive aspects of any situation. That doesn’t mean that the negative parts aren’t there or that I don’t acknowledge them, it just means that I’m choosing not to let them override the good. I make the decision to work around them, improve them or simply not let them drag me down.

I don’t believe in wasting my energy on things I’m not willing to do something about. If I have the ability to change a negative situation, or at least change how I look at it, I honestly believe that it is MY responsibility to do so. My happiness is my own responsibility. And if I choose not to take responsibility for my own happiness, what right do I have to bitch about it if/when I end up [shocker!] unhappy?

So I try to be upbeat. I muddle through the bad, but I look for the good. I choose to be positive about the world around me. I seek out that little glimmer of hope and beauty. Because it makes me happy.

That is me. It’s not perfect. It’s positive.


  • I love this. I love your positive attitude and how you try to look on the bright side of everything. Seriously that’s a trait I do not possess and have to work on really hard all the time.

    You’re great. You look like a model. 🙂

  • Jessica Shannon

    Do what makes you happy!! I wish I could be more like you, I am usually a Debbie Downer! lol

  • Need more people like you in the world!