Out of Practice

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A few weeks ago, Mr. B installed a fancy new wakeboard tower on our boat. Our boat went from this:



To this:



It looks so awesome holding the wakeboards and the new super-cool speakers (which sound ah-mazing, by the way), but it does way more than free up space in the boat! See the silver knob at the top? That’s where you tie the rope to wakeboard from, instead of hooking it to the back of the boat like we used to. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty uncoordinated and I have issues with gravity. The fact that I was ever able to learn to stand up on a wakeboard is HUGE. So I was pretty stoked to hear that wakeboarding would actually be easier with a tower. Since the rope is pulling you up and forward (instead of forward and a little bit down), it makes it easier to stand up and stay up on the board. YAY! I might not look like a huge dope every time I try!

Yesterday, when we got to the river, I stopped caring that it wasn’t sunny and warm, wiggled into the wet suit and hopped in the water with my pretty, sparkly wakeboard. When I pulled myself to the standing position on the first try (!!), my confidence went through the roof, and I zipped around happy as could be. Oh how I’d missed being on the water.  


I forgot one key piece of information: I hadn’t wakeboarded in more than 8 months. I realized this when the confidence high wore off and my body was suddenly very exhausted. And I’ve been reminded of it alllllll day, every single time I move. I will also likely be reminded of this all day tomorrow as well. Seriously, I hurt in places I forgot I even had muscles. Ibuprofen is my friend.

Still, I love the feeling of being “good sore”. I really do enjoy being reminded that I used my body to do something I love and pushed myself to my limits.

Tell me, what do you love to do that leaves you feeling “good sore”? Any special activity or workout? Or do you think I’m just a little crazy for enjoying it?


  • Cindi

    The boat looks awesome and so did you! I was very impressed not to see the ” face plant” you’d told me you had perfected 🙂 If the tower makes it easier, you may see me in a wetsuit sooner than expected 😉