Mid-Year Resolutions for Better Blogging – Part 3: Don’t Be a Creeper!

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Happy Wednesday/Friday/4th of July Eve!

If you missed it, I’ve been talking about my resolutions to be a better blogger. Monday I talked about posting more consistently, and yesterday I told you about my plan to take more pictures so I can incorporate more images in my posts. Today, I’m really putting myself out there. I want to talk about my struggle to speak up.


Resolution #3: Comment, comment, comment!

Mr. B will be the first to tell you, sometimes most of the time, I don’t shut up. Especially after a few bottles glasses of wine. But for some reason, I have such a hard time speaking up here in internetland. It’s odd, right? Since, you know, I have a blog. Which means I have opinions, a voice, stories and the inclination to share them. Yet, when faced with a comment box or various forms of social media (more on that later this week), my mind blanks. I get awkward and weird. And that’s bad. So bad. 

Interacting with other bloggers is SO important! Networking, making friends, building a tribe…it’s important stuff for the blog, sure, but it’s also pretty key to staying sane. I want blogger friends. I need blogger friends. People who get what I’m doing. People to bounce ideas off of. People to learn from. People to laugh with, bitch with and bond with. People who will alert me to typos, tell me when I sound foolish, and applaud me when I get it right. I need people.

The trouble is – online and in real life – I’m incredibly awkward. I over-think everything. I lack the confidence to just hit “submit comment”. I creep around on other peoples blogs, reading but not commenting. It’s not that their words weren’t entertaining, or thought-provoking, or helpful, or preach-it-girl! true. I’ve found so many wonderful blogs that are all of those things and more – that’s why I keep going back to them day after day. I just have a really hard time responding to it “out loud”. There are usually dozens of responses floating around my head; I’m just so bad at getting them out.

I need to speak up. I love when I get an alert that I have a new comment. LOVE it. OMG yay! Someone read my blog! And they have something to say about it!! It is so rewarding and reassuring. So, I’d imagine other bloggers love it too, right? 

Often, I find myself reading other comments, only to find that someone else already said what I was going to say. My reactions to that? Do/say nothing. But here’s what I’ve realized: so what if other commenters already expressed similar views? By echoing the thought, I’m letting the writer know that one more person had that response to their post. That can’t possibly be a bad thing, right? Oh, and you know how I mentioned “dozens of responses floating around in my head”? Yeah, I could probably just talk about one of those. 

I need to stop re-reading what I’ve wrote and over analyzing it. I have no idea why I do that (fear of sounding stupid? lack of confidence?), but it needs to stop. I want to leave thoughtful comments, but I realize I put too much thought into it. From now on, I will type what I think, scan over it to make sure it makes sense and is typo-free, and click send. It’s so easy. Why do I make it so difficult?

I want to participate in the conversation, make friends, discuss the topic at hand, or just show support to those who I feel rock this blogging thing. It’s unrealistic to expect myself to comment on every single thing I read, but I need to speak up more than I have been. I’ve been pushing myself this week to speak up, so far, so good. I’ve got a long way to go, but it’s already getting easier.  

Do you find it hard to comment on the blogs you follow? Am I the only one who finds this so difficult? Am I putting too much stock in commenting? How do you connect with other bloggers?

  • I need to be better at commenting and speaking up too. I’m working on this. Starting with your blog 🙂 Really I just happen to really like your blog. So keep up the good work! I’m glad you are posting more often.