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Happy Friday, everyone! I’m still in NOLA for my bachelorette party. (If you aren’t following me on Instagram, you should be. That’s where I’m documenting all of the shenanigans.)

Today, the lovely lady behind Be a Warrior Queen is taking over the blog. She’s got a beautiful, positive attitude, so I know you guys will love her.  Meet Raewyn!


Hello!! My name is Raewyn and I blog over at Be a Warrior Queen where I’m all about being me – a strong, independent lady stumbling through life while attempting to be graceful. I like to blog about finding your inner strength, life things and always trying to be on the positive side. Check out the Warrior Queen movement and feel free to join us!


Let’s talk about recognizing the positive aspect of a not-so-positive event or situation. This one’s a hard one, but bear with me because I know we can turn it all around. Here’s a couple of hypothetical situations [or maybe some situations that happened to me…]


So you’re at a concert that’s supposed to be the time of your life. There is a really fun friend by your side. She’s always down for an adventure and you never seem to run out of things to talk about. You’ve only known each other for a little bit, and this is your first solo outing as friends. You get there and the two of you are giddy beyond belief. You’re actually shaking from excitement. Since you’ve been planning this night for awhile, you saved up enough money to buy that super expensive but delicious meal and a lot of drinks. When you get there, you make a beeline for the food and drinks to get a handle on that shake you’ve got going on. Then you head to the merch table because what is THE BEST CONCERT EVER without a shirt. Plus, the merch boys are usually pretty cute. While you’re at it you hit up every single merch tent you see. Even the opening bands you don’t know. You blow your cash on shirts and CDs because theses guys are just so cute. Your friend has hit it up with one of the guys and when it comes time for you to go get ready to watch the bands, she decides to stay behind at the merch tent. This is your favorite band. What in the world do you do?

I bet you are feeling pretty bad right there. She just let you down and you’re probably questioning your whole friendship.So you head to your seats alone, feeling defeated because who in the world are you going to sing all of the words with? You don’t have any more cash to drink until you no longer feel socially awkward.

Go to your seat anyway! 

Girrl, I guarantee the people sitting around you are there for the exact same reason you are – they love the songs! Even if you’ve got a lovey-dovey couple on one side and are surrounded with people you’d rather not talk to, somewhere in that mess of hundreds of people there will be a kindred spirit waiting to talk to you and become your friend – if only for the night.


But when you’re standing there in the moment it sucks. It sucks to feel alone among a bunch of people. It’s easy to get sucked into only thinking negatively and not enjoying a concert that you were super duper uber excited to attend. So make that decision to enjoy yourself. Push it out of your mind.


Here’s a hint. One time I went to a Panic! At the Disco concert with my exboyfriend. He broke up with me a couple of days before the concert but insisted we still go together. I cried the whole time. There was no stopping that, he was my high school boyfriend. But I still found myself getting lost in the music…talking to the people around me and generally ignoring him. There may have been tears on my face, but I wasn’t having the worst time of my life.

Other situations that this is useful for: any sucky situation. 

Seriously, when things are feeling not so great, take a look around and find that one thing you can focus on that can make it a little more positive. It could be a smile from another person, the smell of delicious food or flowers, seeing a heart on a billboard and remembering to have hope…anything!


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