Let’s Try Again Tomorrow

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I’m like a little kid on Christmas Eve today.

In just a few hours, I’m making my way downtown for Savor Pittsburgh, an outdoor charity event in the Southside area of the ‘Burgh. There, chefs (including my brother!!) will be competing for “Dish of the Year” while raising money for Magee-Women’s Research Instititute and Foundation.

Sadly, Mr. B isn’t able to join me tonight, but I will be in attendance with my parents and our friend Ryan. Adding to this excitement, I just found out that my BFF, Jess, is joining us. YAY!!!

So, let’s recap: I get to dress up, eat great food, drink yummy booze, spend time with friends and family, help raise money for a great cause and cheer on the little bro while he does his rockstar-chef thing. See why I couldn’t get my head straight long enough to come up with a decent post topic? Sorry about that.

I knew this would be the case, which is why I had every intention of writing a post last night… but then I started messing with my blog design and then, well, the post writing didn’t happen. But look! My post titles are now a color that doesn’t hurt your eyes! That gross brown menu bar is a thing of the past! And I managed to figure out image-mapping enough to make a pretty new – functioning! – header. I was on a such roll last night, that I never did stop and write today’s post. Content, schmontent. I made pretties.

The header was one of the goals on my Thing To Learn list, so I’m stoked I was able to check off my first item so soon. I promise to post all about how I did it very soon, but right now, I have to go get pretty for this evening’s festivities.

Peace out, homies.


  • That sounds SO fun. Can’t wait to hear about it!!