Let’s Take a Moment to Talk About My Dog’s Tongue

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It was early evening when I finally got a chance to sit down and write today’s blog post. Naturally, I couldn’t come up with a thing to write about, so I decided to take the dogs for a little hike. I took my camera with me, figuring the beautiful light would give me a chance to practice playing with my fancy pants camera.

Welllll, 293 pictures later (not an exaggeration, I actually took 293 pictures on our walk) I still had no blog post ideas but I did have some lovely photos of the country in the fall.


Obviously, I also took a couple hundred photos of the dogs. Daisie took in the view,


while Joey went for a dip in a puddle.


But as I perused the pictures, I noticed a trend: Joey’s tongue is all over the place.


I mean, we’ve noticed that his tongue is pretty long, but I never noticed how much time it spends out of his mouth.


It’s everywhere.


Most of the time he looks so handsome (says the not-at-all biased dog-mom)…



…but the tongue thing…well, it makes him look like such a little dope.



Oh, well, at least he’s got a cute butt.



  • Cindi

    Love the little butt! Good pics 🙂

  • Joey is basically Miley with out the STD and drug addiction.

    • Oh. My. God. It’s so true! He pretty much just needs a Styrofoam finger and a Beetlejuice toy to hump and he’s ready for the VMAs.

  • Ha, these pictures of your dog made me laugh! The second to last one is my favorite.

    • That’s my favorite too! It reminds me of the Friends episode where Rachel goes running with Phoebe. He’s just having so much fun he doesn’t even care.

  • This is HILARIOUS. Warner as a “Gene Simmons Tongue” and I love it.

  • Love the pictures!