Ladies, Meet Booger…er…Roger

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First of all, let me say THANK YOU for all of the amazing love and support you guys sent my way after yesterday’s post. Seriously, my heart is bursting after all of your thoughtful emails and comments. I haven’t had a chance to respond to many of them yet, but I have read them all and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you.


Mr. B has a good friend/coworker whom we adore. We call him Booger. He gets all “Really, Nik. Booger? Come on.” every time I introduce him to people as “Booger”, but sorry dude, that’s what I know you as. It would be weird to call you Roger even though that’s your name.

So for the sake of not getting yelled at, let’s start over. Ladies, meet Roger.



Mr. B and Roger (dude, that is so weird) were working together today. On their way home, they stopped at Lowe’s so that Mr. B could pick up some supplies for this never-ending project. While there, Booger…GAH…Roger decided to grab some chain for his new boat anchor. He was assisted by a lovely young lady who caught his eye.

I’m told that the pretty miss and Roger made “googly eyes” at one another the whole time, and I’m left to assume that “googly eyes” is a Boogerism for flirting. When they left the store, the guys called me to get my opinion on what was shaping up to be a very important debate. Since he didn’t get the pretty girl’s phone number (or, as best I can tell, even introduce himself), Booger Roger wanted to know if it was cute or creepy to send flowers (3 yellow roses) with a little “thank you for cutting me a piece of chain” note with his phone number. Mr. B voted that it was a little creepy, and Roger wanted a second opinion. Plus, he knew I won’t hesitate to tell him when he’s being a bit of a creeper.  I told him I’d do one better and put it out into blogland for him as an informal poll.


To help you decide if it’s a creepy or cute move, here’s the information I was able to collect from my conversation with Mr. B and Roger as they left the home improvement store:

  • She was not wearing a ring;
  • she “eyed him up” from another aisle before assisting him;
  • the flowers would need to be sent to her place of employment, as this is the only way he knows to contact her;
  • there was a brief moment where he may or may not have gotten caught checking out her, umm, top shelf;
  • “She was so pretty. Like naturally pretty. She wasn’t wearing any makeup and didn’t need it. She’s the kind of girl I would be proud to introduce to my mom.”

Mr. B thought the poor girl might be creeped out by his gesture, while I think her reaction will depend on whether or not she was into him. (If she thought he was a hottie, she’ll find it adorable. If she saw him as just another customer, it might be a little creepy.) And personally, as someone who does not appreciate being the center of attention – like, AT ALL – I would not like getting flowers from a stranger in front of all of my coworkers. But that’s just me, and I’m fully aware that not everyone shares my aversion to that kind of attention, so she may love such a public overture. Plus, it’s the only way he knows to reach her, and such grand gestures are sweet.

So tell me ladies, is Roger’s idea to send the helpful Lowe’s sales associate three yellow roses and a short note creepy or adorable? (Be honest, he’s a good sport.)


*It’s probably worth noting that he went ahead and sent her flowers and the note before asking for anyone’s opinion. His phone call to me and this resulting poll were an afterthought, likely spurred by Mr. B’s “really, dude??” reaction. So I’ll keep you guys updated as to how this all plays out.


  • Kathryn Lavers

    It seems kinda creepy. Personally, I don’t like being sent flowers and things at work. You know, keeping personal and professional separate and what not. He should have just went back and talked to her. Still kinda forward, but more appropriate. Also, why only 3. Go big or go home I say.

    • Haha! So true about the flowers! At first I thought the 3 was low-key enough to balance out the creep factor, but really, he’s already putting himself out there, why hold back on the flowers?!

  • Nina W

    Hahahaha he already sent them. I think I’d be flattered if a hottie I was flirting with at work sent me flowers. Granted this guy I didn’t even meet at work got my info and sent me a FB message and I was creeped out. Maybe cause he was ugly. Hopefully it works for Roger!

    • My thoughts exactly! Hopefully she finds him attractive enough to find it endearing…

  • Amanda MeeMee

    I once got a dozen roses sent to me at work with a note that said: “Thanks for the notary. Dinner sometime?” and the guys #? Errrrmmm… NOPE! Although, Booger is hot and that guy was one creepy mo-fo.

    • Ha! Eww. But I agree, it’s way less creepy if the guy is nice to look at 🙂

  • No joke, that would freak me out at first but then I would think it was cute. I would go out with him.

    • Roger has been following the comments on this post and asked me where he could find you. He was bummed to learn you live several states away. But you should know he thinks you are pretty. (And he’s totally right. You are.)

      • hahaha! Well thanks BOOGER! But I won’t take him seriously until I get a note with a few roses. Jokes’ on him! 😉

        • roger

          Your welcome! Ha ha I’ll buy u flowers if your gonna get the plane ticket to come up here for dinner lol. But u can’t call me booger tho thanks so much nik

          • Well this sounds promising, ROGER…..I suppose I can let the whole “Booger” thing go if flowers and dinner are involved…..

          • roger

            Lol deal and don’t worry I wouldn’t take u to fast food I would upgrade ha ha

          • You just get more attractive by the minute, Roger. You sure know how to treat a lady. hahaha

          • roger

            Lol thank you I try .bonus points is what we call that in pa ha ha

  • Tammy Wiederhold

    HMMMM thats a tough one, it would creep me out a little but I think it may be sweet. And just because she doesn’t have a ring doesn’t mean she is single.

    • It is a tough one, it really could go either way! And so true about the ring!

  • Honestly–I’m only judging this on my own reaction. If I got sent flowers at work, I would be thrilled. Of course, I’m the kind of person who really does enjoy attention and mystery, etc. Because I’m married, I wouldn’t call him back–but I’d take the flowers home and enjoy them! 🙂

    • It would definitely be a compliment! Even if you don’t chose to act on it 🙂

  • I’m going to go with creepy, sorry! What if she doesn’t even remember him or what if she checks out all her customers. Maybe he should just buy some more chain and talk to her this time. 🙂

    • I had the same worry! Like, dude, what if you were just another guy to her and she has no clue who they were from? He never did hear from her 🙁

  • Sarah Grace

    I am like you and I hate being the center of attention, so it isn’t that I would find being sent flowers by a relative stranger creepy (that is actually kind of flattering), but rather it would make me really uncomfortable having all that attention from co-workers and the like when they were delivered.

    • Yes! It would be flattering – it’s just the execution that would make me squirm. But I also realize that not everyone is as painfully shy and socially awkward as I am, some people love that stuff!

  • roger

    First of all thanks for the feedback . I laughed when I read the blog and thought it did sound creepy when you put it into a story however at the time I thought it was a great idea in my defense. But as far as 3 roses go I figured a dozen might be a little much for the introduction and not to mention they say 3 is the lucky number.nik REALLY booger on here to and just love the pics u posted of me lol . But I guess at least I tryed A for effort maybe next time I’ll do a little better than sit there with my tounge tied trying to figure if it was what I thought it was .