The Dog Can’t Be THAT Smart…Can He??

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Yesterday morning started out like any other. A bit chillier than we’re used to, but normal. (Despite the 80+ degree days, we’ve had temperatures dip below 40 degrees some nights.) I woke up, let the dogs out for their morning potty, fed them breakfast and poured myself a big cup of coffee.

Right away, Joey started whining at my feet. Sometimes he “forgets” to potty while he’s outside because he’s too busy tormenting Daisie, or sometimes he just has a lot of energy and just wants someone to play with him. Annoyed, I went back to the door and opened it for him to go outside again. He didn’t. I picked up a toy and dangled it to see if he wanted to play – he didn’t.

I had no idea what he wanted, but he continued to cry at my feet and would not leave me alone. He was pacing around the living room, going back to the fireplace and (I assumed) checking out his reflection in the glass. (He has a recent fascination with the fireplace – he’ll climb up on it and watch himself in the glass.) Finally, he went back to the fireplace, propped his front feet up on the stone ledge, and whined some more.

“Is this what you want?”, I asked and flipped the switch to turn the gas fireplace on. Never did I think that’s actually what he wanted. He prefers to be cold most of the time, and really, what dog begs to have a fire in the fireplace? Dogs, or at least my dogs, beg for food, water, potty breaks, and attention. Not fire.

As soon as he saw the flames light up, Joey curled up in a ball right in front of the fire (not a normal spot for him). He slept there soundly for more than an hour, peaceful and content.

There’s no way he bugged me because he wanted the a fire to nap by, right? I mean, he’s a 10 month old puppy – he can’t really be that smart…can he?

I have no photos of Joey curled by the fireplace (sorry), so here are a few pictures of him sleeping when he was teeny tiny (you’re welcome).










Also, a bit of news: this is the 100th post here on Rural Rookie. So, here’s a picture of Joey all dressed up in a bow tie. Clearly, he’s celebrating the blog milestone.



  • what a PEANUT! i think he can be that smart…and if so, he’s a dog after my own heart. i love me some warm fireplace!

    • I do too! I’m not a fan of being cold AT ALL.

  • The Anonymous Blonde

    I think he is that smart! We used to have a miniature daschund who would demand that we turn the gas log fireplace on!

    • Haha I’m glad Joey isn’t the only one who is so smart (or spoiled maybe??)



    Love this! what a cutie!

  • oh my gosh, he is sooooo cute! and my one dog loves to lay in front of the fire. i will have to go move him sometimes because i get worried because his fur gets so hot haha.
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • Erin Lee

    oh my god he is too cute to handle

  • Karen HUg-Nagy

    OMG he is so cute, and apparently very smart to know what he wants.