Halloween…or Theme Party?

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Happy Halloween!

Sadly, I’m old and boring. I’m not doing much of anything to celebrate Halloween this year, which means I have no fun stories or photos. So I went digging through boxes of old photos looking for pictures of Halloweens gone by. I love dressing up, so I was pretty confident I’d find lots of goodies to share with you all.

Trouble is…lots of the costumes I’ve worn haven’t been for Halloween. There have been lots and lots of theme parties, too. And I’m not entirely sure which costumes were Halloween costumes and which were theme party costumes. #sororitygirlproblems

Let’s play a fun little game of Halloween or Theme Party. (Sometimes also called Why Did The Drunk Girl Wear That Costume?)

Photo #1:



Was it Halloween or a theme party? Theme party. Lingerie theme, actually.

Numero dos:



Did you guess Halloween? Understandable, since the slutty school girl is a popular All Hallow’s Eve choice. But no, you’d be wrong. It was a school girl themed party. By the end of the night we all had ties on our heads.


Feel free to judge me. I understand.

The school girl outfit did get worn again as a Halloween costume, but these pictures are from a theme party.

Round 3:


This one was a theme party. What was the theme? you ask? I have no idea, but there were lots of girls in boas and sunglasses. Bling-bling party, perhaps?

Picture #4:



Halloween or theme party? Halloween. Sorta. It was Homecoming weekend and we were dressed like this to ride on the Top Gun themed float in the parade. After the parade, those of us dressed as sailors joined the rest of our sisters for a Halloween celebration, so it doubled as a Halloween costume that night.



It should also be noted that our float one first place. It was awesome. I really wish I had more photos of it.

I did find one that I’m confident was for Halloween, since it was taken in 1986 – long before I knew about the joys of a good theme party:



Happy Halloween, everyone!






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  • Haha!! I feel the same way about a lot of my college photos. Halloween? Nope, 80s themed mixer.

    • How fun were we that we played dress up all year long!? 80s theme was my favorite!

  • Amanda MeeMee

    Oh my goodness! The pumpkin is my fave. I fed rocked a few questionable costumes in my day too! lol


    • Haha it was so fun to look back at all of those “great decisions” that I made in college 🙂

  • Jenny B

    your pigtails on the school girl outfit are too cute! and theme parties are fun!

    • Thank you! Looking back through these photos made me wonder (for the briefest of moments) if I should cut my hair again. (In the end I decided that 7 months before my wedding was not the time to be chopping off my locks. haha)

  • I’m old and boring for Halloween these days, too. But looking back on old pictures is sure fun! And interesting! 🙂

    • I know, right?! How did we get so old?? It is so fun to look back at all of the questionable (alcohol-induced?) choices I made 🙂