Furniture Fit for a Grown-Up and Other Weekend Shenanigans

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I had such a nice weekend – productive and fun! – and I’m determined to carry that through this week. Especially after last week, which was…not productive. At all.

Sami's Shenanigans

On Saturday morning, Mr. B took the horses to get new shoes while I stayed home to clean up around the house. The trip to the farrier took much longer than usual, so I got lots of me time (as in, I got to do some knitting, paint my nails and spend quality time with Netflix. It was nice.) When he finally returned, we set out for Ikea – a trip we’ve been procrastinating all summer. We have been talking about picking up things for the house for a long while now, but managed to put it off for the last several months in favor of warm weather activities, like boating and day drinking.

On our way home from The Land of Home Furnishing Fabulousness, we stopped at Burgatory and stuffed ourselves. It was glorious. I devoured a burger the size of my head and washed it down with a “salted Nutella crunch” milkshake, which was the richest, gooiest, most heavenly thing I may have ever tasted. I felt like a cow when I was done, but it was amazingggg.


The next morning we unpacked our loot and assembled, arranged and decorated for hours. This is what we ended up with:




1// A real bed for the spare room! Up until yesterday we had an air mattress in there for anyone who wanted to crash with us for the night. To everyone who spent the night on an inflatable on our floor: I’m so very sorry. We finally have a grown up guest room, please come back and enjoy it!

2// A new rug for my office. (It was only $20!!)

3// A new rug for the living room. (Joey planted himself there as soon as we spread it out because obviously it is unacceptable to have even one item in this house that isn’t covered in dog hair.)

4// A cute puppy butt wall hook to hang dog-wiping towel on.

5// A few little mirrors to liven up the office walls. (These weren’t on our shopping list, but for $2-3 each, I couldn’t leave them there.)

6// New pillow covers for the living room, made necessary after a baby Joey ripped a hole in one of the old covers with his stupid-sharp puppy teeth.

Later in the afternoon, my dad came by to drop off his boat (it spends the winter in storage near our house). The three of us went to the marina for a few drinks and a nice dinner. I really enjoy hanging out with my dad, so I’m loving that I’ve gotten to see more of him lately.

It was a great weekend – I got to relax, spend time with the guys I love, and Mr. B and I finally accomplished some crap we’ve been talking about for about six months.

So in the spirit of productivity, I’m off to chug some coffee, make a to-do list, and get some stuff done. Peace out, yo.


  • I wish there was an Ikea closer to us!! Though maybe it’s a good thing there isn’t…I would probably spend way too much money!

  • Love! So jealous! We are waiting to make any new big purchases until we move in together. This makes me want to shop though!

  • JenniJo

    any weekend that includes Ikea is a winner! Love the stuff you picked out!

  • The Pinot Project Blog

    I wish Ikea was closer to us. The closest one is about 2 1/2 hours away. I miss that Ikea in Pittsburgh…we always went in grad school and it always involved a stop to eat somewhere delicious in Pittsburgh!

    • Because there’s some amazing grub in Pittsburgh right?! I feel like such a fatty saying this, but the food is my favorite part of every trip we take downtown 🙂