Fried Cheese

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A few weekends ago, Mr. B and I were running errands and stopped on our way home at a little cheese shop that I’d been wanting to check out since I moved to the area. I was not disappointed. They had a very respectable selection (especially for our small town), including many cheeses made on site. Mr. B and I taste-tested quite a few, and eventually came home with a very spicy pepper jack cheese and a delicious, creamy Havarti. As we enjoyed our finds that evening with a selection of crackers and mustards, Mr. B turned to me and said, “you should fry this”. So I did. Ask and you shall receive, Mr. B.

This is how I did it:




I got out 3 small bowls. In the first, I put ½ c. all-purpose flour:



In the second, I beat 2 eggs with 2 T. milk:

Egg and milk


In the third, I mixed ½ c. panko, 1 t. garlic salt, 1 t. parsley and a dash of pepper:




Then, I sliced my cheese (the Havarti is pictured here, about a half pound) into 1-inch squares, about ¼ inch thick:

sliced havarti


I melted ½ c. coconut oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat:

melt oil


Once the oil was good and hot, I coated a chunk of cheese- first in the flour, then the egg mixture, then in the panko mixture- and fried it up:

dipping frycheese


I cooked each piece for just a few minutes, until golden-brown and crispy, then removed from the oil and let cool.



I enjoyed both the fried pepper jack and the fried Havarti dipped in marinara sauce, but Mr. B got creative. His favorite was the fried Havarti with a dollop of apricot preserves on top:

Fried Havarti with apricot preserves


This can be done with just about any type of cheese, and you can adjust the spices in the panko accordingly. Get creative, and let me know what combinations you like!


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