A Florken Giveaway

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As if we didn’t have enough reasons to love fall. And Fridays. And The “Florkens”.

Here’s one more…

Nikki @ Rural Rookie / Laura @ Mrs. Laura Beth / Sarah @ A Girl Smitten / Reba @ Reba K Writes
Karly Kim@Karly Kim / Kate @Another Clean Slate / Jenn @Bad Luck Jenn / Kalyn @Geez, Louise

a Rafflecopter giveaway


So go – enter to win awesome fall goodies and get to know Kate and Adam if you aren’t already acquainted. Spoiler alert: they’re awesome.


  • Meg

    Its fun seeing personalities come out on video!

  • Jill Schlegel Snethen

    It’s fun getting to see and “hear” you vs. only seeing pictures. Thank you.

  • Sarah Grace

    It’s great fun seeing everyone’s personalities come to life on the vlogs.

  • susana mladenovski

    i love everything about the blog and all this great people coming together for this giveaway!!

  • Natasha

    I love the vlogs! I like to see everyone’s personality and as silly as it is, I like to see what ya’ll are wearing lol 🙂

  • Shane Prather

    :Loved seeing the real you!