The Contents of Our Bedroom are Now Piled Up in the Living Room (and Other Weekend Shenanigans)

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One of these days I’m going to write a post about all of the renovations we’ve done to the house, complete with before and after photos and a few mushy paragraphs about making our house a home and all that good stuff. If I’d already done that, you’d know that we’ve so far replaced almost all of the carpet in the house with hardwood floors. Almost, because we still had carpet in the master bedroom…until this weekend.

Sami's Shenanigans

We finally started the process of replacing the floors. This weekend we moved every thing out of our bedroom. Every. Single. Thing. (I have had pretty severe allergic reactions each time we’ve pulled up carpeting in the past, so we had to make sure everything was out of the reach of the dust.) So now, everything that was in our bedroom (including all of the furniture and the contents of two walk-in closets) is now piled up in our living room. I’m surrounded by piles of our stuff.


Mr. B, with the help of my cousin, Ty, pulled up all of the carpeting and padding and removed the baseboards. Then we made a (very successful) trip to Lowe’s. So now, we have a bare bedroom floor, stacks of flooring, underlayment, and tools, and two very confused, displaced pups. And piles of our stuff everywhere we turn. Side note: It’s motivating me to do some serious purging. There’s no way we need all of this crap. Also, we are sleeping in the spare room, and I miss my bed.

The whole project will probably take most of the week, since it’s an after-work affair, but Mr. B has already made some great progress. I’m not much help since I can’t spend much time in the allergen-infested room right now. I mostly just help Mr. B figure out angles and whatnot. (Yay math!)

Plus, our trip to Lowe’s also resulted in a garbage disposal. This is huge, guys. You have no idea. I’ve never not had a garbage disposal until I moved here, and I’ve been harassing Mr. B about getting one since I moved in. He’s never had one before so it wasn’t on his list of priorities, but we finally bought one. He even installed it last night! It’s not hooked up to power yet, but by golly, it’s here and it’s installed. I’m a pretty happy camper. It may even distract me from the fact that we are living in the middle of chaos for the next week or so.

Also providing distraction is the latest addition to my Kindle library: Harry Potter. I started it on Saturday and I’m already about halfway through the first book. I’m a little late to the party, I know, but I’m here and I’m hooked.


What did you get into this weekend?


  • I can’t wait to see before and after- I love seeing what people do with their homes!!

    And YAY! So glad you’re on the Harry Potter bandwagon- hope yo’re enjoying it 🙂

    • As soon as we get our house put back together I will definitely get some before and after posts put together 🙂
      And I’m LOVING it!

  • So excited to see your before and after so you must be even more excited to have it all done soon!

    • I’m so excited to just be done with it! And I will definitely get some before/after posts together after I get this disaster of a house back in order.

  • Amanda MeeMee

    Omgggggggg! I’m geeking out so bad just LOOKING at the Harry Potter illustration.

    • I’m LOVING it! How did I not know about this amazingness sooner?

  • Chelsea Warner

    I am so glad I found your blog… love it! Can’t wait to see the pictures of your home. Our home didn’t have a working garbage disposal when we moved in and it was the very first purchase I made at Lowe’s. My husband thought I was nuts, haha!

    • Welcome! Thanks for visiting 🙂
      Mr. B thinks I’m ridiculous, but I swear, a garbage disposal is one of those things that once you’ve lived with one, you can’t live without it!

  • I love hardwood floors, a before and after post of your reno would be a hit in my book. I love that stuff.

    So glad you decided to start Harry Potter, now you will forever be in love!

    • I will definitely be putting together a before/after post (or two or three) once I get this mess of a house back in order.
      I’m already so hooked. I totally get what all the fuss is about now.

  • it’ll be so nice to have the floors all done – can’t wait to see them. and enjoy harry potter! the first couple books are more juvenile, so i think the books get better. so just stick with the first couple and you’ll love the whole series!
    — jackie @ jade and oak

    • I’m loving the new floors, I will definitely post about them soon 🙂
      That’s good to know- when I started reading I was surprised they were so juvenile, given their popularity. (That didn’t stop me from getting sucked in though.)

  • Stacie

    I just found your blog through Erin, but it’s so cute!
    p.s. You may be late to the Harry Potter party, but it’s better late than never! hehe 🙂

  • HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!

    • There are not enough hours in the day to do real life, and read all the Harry Potters in one sitting like I want to.