Legislating Love

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Let me begin by making you a promise: I will not be in the habit of taking a political stand on this blog. I’m not a very political person and though I have opinions about issues, I do not feel I have enough information to get up on my soapbox and preach. This issue, however, is one I feel I can confidently stand behind.


To me, that is all it is about.

I am madly in love with an amazing human being, so maybe I’m a little bias. I am engaged to be married to a man whom I adore. For reasons I don’t have the time or space to list, Mr. B is the most amazing thing to happen to me. He enriches my world in the most fabulous and unexpected ways. He inspires me to be a better person, and I am so truly grateful to have him in my life. But the thing is, I didn’t have any control over falling in love with him. I never made an effort to fall in love with him, and I am certain I couldn’t have stopped it if I wanted to. I can give you a thousand reasons why I love him, but I couldn’t begin to explain how it happened. It just did, without my consent (or even my knowledge at first). No matter how I got here, I’m thrilled to be here. Being passionately, madly, wildly infatuated with another human being is an incredible feeling. Having that love reciprocated and living my life with that person has changed everything about my life for the better.

So how could I ever suggest for even a moment, that any other person isn’t entitled to that? How could I begin to justify keeping something so precious from another human being? How could I ever stand in the way of something so beautiful, so personal, so enriching? How could I object to something so fundamentally good? I can’t. 

My love, my relationship, my connection with Mr. B doesn’t affect anyone but the two of us. Just like the love, relationship or connection between any two other people on the planet doesn’t affect us. It could be argued that because it doesn’t affect me either way, I’m not entitled to an opinion, positive or negative. But isn’t it the duty of each of us to stand up for what is right and what is good?

Love is good. Finding someone to share your life with is good. It makes us stronger, better, happier people, and when we take that out into the world, we make it a better place. Love is such a good thing it should be celebrated, not regulated. It doesn’t matter what form that love comes in, it should be allowed to grow and flourish. We aren’t forced to celebrate anyone else’s love, but who are we to tell anyone else that they aren’t allowed to celebrate the love between rational, consenting adults? Who are we to say any loving family is wrong, simply because it doesn’t look like our own?

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To learn more about the Human Rights Campaign or the gathering of marriage equality supporters outside of the Supreme Court today and tomorrow, visit hrc.org.

*Stepping off soapbox*