Ladies, Meet Booger…er…Roger

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First of all, let me say THANK YOU for all of the amazing love and support you guys sent my way after yesterday’s post. Seriously, my heart is bursting after all of your thoughtful emails and comments. I haven’t had a chance to respond to many of them yet, but I have read them all and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you.


Mr. B has a good friend/coworker whom we adore. We call him Booger. He gets all “Really, Nik. Booger? Come on.” every time I introduce him to people as “Booger”, but sorry dude, that’s what I know you as. It would be weird to call you Roger even though that’s your name.

So for the sake of not getting yelled at, let’s start over. Ladies, meet Roger.



Mr. B and Roger (dude, that is so weird) were working together today. On their way home, they stopped at Lowe’s so that Mr. B could pick up some supplies for this never-ending project. While there, Booger…GAH…Roger decided to grab some chain for his new boat anchor. He was assisted by a lovely young lady who caught his eye.

I’m told that the pretty miss and Roger made “googly eyes” at one another the whole time, and I’m left to assume that “googly eyes” is a Boogerism for flirting. When they left the store, the guys called me to get my opinion on what was shaping up to be a very important debate. Since he didn’t get the pretty girl’s phone number (or, as best I can tell, even introduce himself), Booger Roger wanted to know if it was cute or creepy to send flowers (3 yellow roses) with a little “thank you for cutting me a piece of chain” note with his phone number. Mr. B voted that it was a little creepy, and Roger wanted a second opinion. Plus, he knew I won’t hesitate to tell him when he’s being a bit of a creeper.  I told him I’d do one better and put it out into blogland for him as an informal poll.


To help you decide if it’s a creepy or cute move, here’s the information I was able to collect from my conversation with Mr. B and Roger as they left the home improvement store:

  • She was not wearing a ring;
  • she “eyed him up” from another aisle before assisting him;
  • the flowers would need to be sent to her place of employment, as this is the only way he knows to contact her;
  • there was a brief moment where he may or may not have gotten caught checking out her, umm, top shelf;
  • “She was so pretty. Like naturally pretty. She wasn’t wearing any makeup and didn’t need it. She’s the kind of girl I would be proud to introduce to my mom.”

Mr. B thought the poor girl might be creeped out by his gesture, while I think her reaction will depend on whether or not she was into him. (If she thought he was a hottie, she’ll find it adorable. If she saw him as just another customer, it might be a little creepy.) And personally, as someone who does not appreciate being the center of attention – like, AT ALL – I would not like getting flowers from a stranger in front of all of my coworkers. But that’s just me, and I’m fully aware that not everyone shares my aversion to that kind of attention, so she may love such a public overture. Plus, it’s the only way he knows to reach her, and such grand gestures are sweet.

So tell me ladies, is Roger’s idea to send the helpful Lowe’s sales associate three yellow roses and a short note creepy or adorable? (Be honest, he’s a good sport.)


*It’s probably worth noting that he went ahead and sent her flowers and the note before asking for anyone’s opinion. His phone call to me and this resulting poll were an afterthought, likely spurred by Mr. B’s “really, dude??” reaction. So I’ll keep you guys updated as to how this all plays out.


The Contents of Our Bedroom are Now Piled Up in the Living Room (and Other Weekend Shenanigans)

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One of these days I’m going to write a post about all of the renovations we’ve done to the house, complete with before and after photos and a few mushy paragraphs about making our house a home and all that good stuff. If I’d already done that, you’d know that we’ve so far replaced almost all of the carpet in the house with hardwood floors. Almost, because we still had carpet in the master bedroom…until this weekend.

Sami's Shenanigans

We finally started the process of replacing the floors. This weekend we moved every thing out of our bedroom. Every. Single. Thing. (I have had pretty severe allergic reactions each time we’ve pulled up carpeting in the past, so we had to make sure everything was out of the reach of the dust.) So now, everything that was in our bedroom (including all of the furniture and the contents of two walk-in closets) is now piled up in our living room. I’m surrounded by piles of our stuff.


Mr. B, with the help of my cousin, Ty, pulled up all of the carpeting and padding and removed the baseboards. Then we made a (very successful) trip to Lowe’s. So now, we have a bare bedroom floor, stacks of flooring, underlayment, and tools, and two very confused, displaced pups. And piles of our stuff everywhere we turn. Side note: It’s motivating me to do some serious purging. There’s no way we need all of this crap. Also, we are sleeping in the spare room, and I miss my bed.

The whole project will probably take most of the week, since it’s an after-work affair, but Mr. B has already made some great progress. I’m not much help since I can’t spend much time in the allergen-infested room right now. I mostly just help Mr. B figure out angles and whatnot. (Yay math!)

Plus, our trip to Lowe’s also resulted in a garbage disposal. This is huge, guys. You have no idea. I’ve never not had a garbage disposal until I moved here, and I’ve been harassing Mr. B about getting one since I moved in. He’s never had one before so it wasn’t on his list of priorities, but we finally bought one. He even installed it last night! It’s not hooked up to power yet, but by golly, it’s here and it’s installed. I’m a pretty happy camper. It may even distract me from the fact that we are living in the middle of chaos for the next week or so.

Also providing distraction is the latest addition to my Kindle library: Harry Potter. I started it on Saturday and I’m already about halfway through the first book. I’m a little late to the party, I know, but I’m here and I’m hooked.


What did you get into this weekend?


A Role I Play {The Thankful Project – November 2}

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This month, I am joining Kenzie for The Thankful Project. It won’t be everyday, but I will be following these writing prompts to talk about the many things in my life that bring me a feeling of gratitude. Today we are talking about how thankful we are for a role that we play…


Thankful Project Title


Unearthing recipes, new and old. Making the grocery list. Clipping coupons. Scanning the aisles and filling the grocery cart. Stocking the pantry, the refrigerator, the spice cabinet. Planning meals. Preparing each dish. Baking, grilling, stirring, boiling, mixing, kneading, seasoning – in our home, I do it all.

It’s one role that I play in our little family; it’s what I do for us.

It never ends. We will always need to eat. Some days it feels like a dreaded chore. Really? I have to go grocery shopping again? I need to make another dinner? Ugh. I have “better” things to do, other items on my list that are vying for my time and attention, and sometimes, I just don’t feel like doing it.

Other days, I love it. The planner in me loves making lists, organizing meals, and searching for deals and discounts. The wanna-be chef in me loves trying new recipes and playing in the kitchen. The foodie in me loves to eat, sip, taste, savor.

No matter my mood, I do it with pride. It is an important role that I play, and it is about so much more than food and cooking. I plan our week, manage a budget, run the errands. I provide the comfort of a warm meal to the man I love at the end of his hard day. I make decisions about the healthy options in the cupboard, the delectable treats in the candy jar. I show my love through these choices, through the work that I do in the kitchen, both at the stove, armed with olive oil and fresh vegetables, and at the counter, armed with a calendar and a calculator.

It is only one role I play, one hat I wear of many. I do it for love, for our family, to help and to provide. It is an important role and one for which I am profoundly grateful.


Furniture Fit for a Grown-Up and Other Weekend Shenanigans

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I had such a nice weekend – productive and fun! – and I’m determined to carry that through this week. Especially after last week, which was…not productive. At all.

Sami's Shenanigans

On Saturday morning, Mr. B took the horses to get new shoes while I stayed home to clean up around the house. The trip to the farrier took much longer than usual, so I got lots of me time (as in, I got to do some knitting, paint my nails and spend quality time with Netflix. It was nice.) When he finally returned, we set out for Ikea – a trip we’ve been procrastinating all summer. We have been talking about picking up things for the house for a long while now, but managed to put it off for the last several months in favor of warm weather activities, like boating and day drinking.

On our way home from The Land of Home Furnishing Fabulousness, we stopped at Burgatory and stuffed ourselves. It was glorious. I devoured a burger the size of my head and washed it down with a “salted Nutella crunch” milkshake, which was the richest, gooiest, most heavenly thing I may have ever tasted. I felt like a cow when I was done, but it was amazingggg.


The next morning we unpacked our loot and assembled, arranged and decorated for hours. This is what we ended up with:




1// A real bed for the spare room! Up until yesterday we had an air mattress in there for anyone who wanted to crash with us for the night. To everyone who spent the night on an inflatable on our floor: I’m so very sorry. We finally have a grown up guest room, please come back and enjoy it!

2// A new rug for my office. (It was only $20!!)

3// A new rug for the living room. (Joey planted himself there as soon as we spread it out because obviously it is unacceptable to have even one item in this house that isn’t covered in dog hair.)

4// A cute puppy butt wall hook to hang dog-wiping towel on.

5// A few little mirrors to liven up the office walls. (These weren’t on our shopping list, but for $2-3 each, I couldn’t leave them there.)

6// New pillow covers for the living room, made necessary after a baby Joey ripped a hole in one of the old covers with his stupid-sharp puppy teeth.

Later in the afternoon, my dad came by to drop off his boat (it spends the winter in storage near our house). The three of us went to the marina for a few drinks and a nice dinner. I really enjoy hanging out with my dad, so I’m loving that I’ve gotten to see more of him lately.

It was a great weekend – I got to relax, spend time with the guys I love, and Mr. B and I finally accomplished some crap we’ve been talking about for about six months.

So in the spirit of productivity, I’m off to chug some coffee, make a to-do list, and get some stuff done. Peace out, yo.


The Boy Behind the Blog

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Today I’m linking up with Mal Smiles and Never The Same Spice Twice for The Boys Behind the Blog link-up!

Boys Behind The Blog
Every month they have five different questions for the man in your life to answer, so we can show off our guys and get them a little  more involved in the blogs.

Allow me to introduce my fiance, Ryan. Around here he goes by Mr. B, but in real life, he’s known as Ryan.

Ryan driving


[Mr. B’s answers are in plain text, mine own words are in italics- because let’s be real, I can’t just keep my mouth shut.]

1. Describe yourself in 5 words.

Easy going, hard working. There, that was easy enough.

That’s 4 words.

Close enough.

…AND hard working. There you go. That makes 5.

2. What is your biggest fear?

Snakes…and wolves. I don’t know why but wolves freak me out.

No joke about the snakes, girls. He’s my fierce and loyal protector, but homeboy won’t be saving me from any snakes. He’ll be running away with me.

3. What is your favorite candy?

Well…see…it could be Reese’s pumpkins, Reese’s peanut butter eggs, or Reese’s Christmas trees.

They make Christmas trees?

Yep. They make hearts, too.

My boy loves some peanut butter and chocolate.

4. What was the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?


Probably that year we went as Pebbles and Bam-Bam. Now don’t be putting this on the internet.

Really, darling? I just explained the whole link-up to you. What do you think we are doing this for?

5. Who is your favorite football team?

Probably Steelers, huh?

He doesn’t really follow football, so he phrased this as a question- as if he was asking me if this was the correct answer. (It is.)


After answering these questions, Mr. B (jokingly?) said he was passing the baton to Joey, as he is not sure he wants to be “Boy Behind the Blog” if I am going to put embarrassing photos of him on the internet. So next month, I may be interviewing a Corgi. We’ll see, I guess.

Thanks babe for being such a good sport about this post and for supporting me with this whole blogging thing. I love you! 


You Really Never Know What You Might Find In There…

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Did you see Sarah’s post over on Venus Trapped In Mars earlier this week about what she’s got going on in her purse?  She cracks me up, but I found it so intriguing! There’s something about seeing what’s in someone’s bag that I find to be so insightful. (Is that odd?) Naturally, my first thought was ohhh I want to do this!, followed quickly by hmm…better see how gross it is first.

Lucky for you (and much to my surprise) it wasn’t as filled with trash as I initially expected. What’dya know.

I’m a bit of an open book. Maybe my life is just a bit too boring, but aside from some seriously unfortunately school pictures from junior high, I don’t have much that I care about keeping hidden. So from the time we started dating, I’d invite Mr. B to grab whatever he needed from my purse. Except, here’s how it would actually play out:

Mr. B: Do you have any gum?

Me: In my purse, outside pocket.

Mr. B: [Brings me my purse. Usually holding it with out-stretched arms like it’s a bomb that may explode at any moment.]

Me: [Retrieves gum and hands it to Mr. B] You know, you could just get it yourself. That’s why I told you exactly where to find it; I really don’t care if you go in my purse.

Mr. B: Oh, Ok. I just didn’t want to go through your purse. [Still holding purse like it might sting him because I’m so amused by his discomfort that I continue to let him hold it.]

Me: No biggie, now you know.

…Until the next time he needs something that happens to be in my purse, when this exact scene replays itself again.

At first, I thought it was adorable. Oh, how sweet! He respects my privacy! Not even a little bit necessary but awww love him! But after a few years together, I’m starting to think he’d just rather not deal with the hot mess that is my handbag. It’s legit. You really never know what you are going to find in there. Here’s what’s going on with my purse today:



1// The bag. I adore Michael Kors, but I’m also kinda poor. I scored this on clearance at Macy’s. Oh, and I had a gift card. So let’s not pretend I’m all fancy with my designer goods. Also, it’s the size of a small carry-on so I love it even more because I can unnecessarily tote my entire life around.

2// Joey’s new harness because he was too chubby for his old one (and he can magically slip the collar off of his head when he doesn’t feel like being on a leash anymore.) He’s now officially a medium-sized dog. *Tear* our little baby is growing up.

3// My MK wallet/wristlet. When I don’t feel like carrying luggage around this puppy can also fit my cell phone (sans-cover) and a lip gloss. Again, don’t be impressed; I scored it on sale at Zappos.

4// A squished pack of gum with one and a half sticks of gum left. Yes, sometimes a whole piece is too much for me so I chew half pieces. Feel free to judge me.

5// A selection of lip glosses that I always have on hand but rarely use – including Smurfett Mood lip gloss (yep like a mood ring). I know, I’m an adult. Whatev, I love it.

6// Burt’s Bees lip balms. I have these stashed everywhere – I love them.

7// Day Planner. I’ve tried SO MANY TIMES to switch to my phone calendar but I just can’t. I’m old-school like that.

8// Notebook. For notes and such. Usually used for grocery lists, to-do lists and blog ideas, but it’s pretty universal.

9// Earrings.  No idea why they were in my purse, but I had been looking for them for a while so I was pretty pleased to find them.

10//  9 hair bands (in assorted colors, because duh I need options), 3 bobby pins, 2 jumbo bobby pins and 1 mini hair claw. I have a lot of hair, and I never know when it will annoy me. Also, I have this theory that every time I have zero hair ties I end up needing one, but if I have, oh say, a dozen or so I won’t ever need to use any of them. Obviously there is no middle ground, so I can’t just carry one or two.

11// A sample chewy…something(?) from the checkout counter at GNC.

12// The business card of a rodeo event coordinator. Because we live in the country and play with horses and cows.

13// Fingernail clippers and gold nail polish. I have no idea. I guess at some point I thought I’d give myself a mani on the run??

14// Lotion. It annoys the crap our of me when my skin feels dry.

15// Allegra. I puff. And itch. Especially when the leaves fall.

16// Car keys. And house keys. And the only bottle openers we can ever find. (Look close, there are two bottle openers. One looks like a regular key.)

17// Wadded up receipts and gum wrappers. Usually there are many, many more and they are accompanied by crumpled, expired coupons.

18// A Tick Twister for removing ticks because I’m a fur mama. (See also: I live in the woods.)

19// Keys for the farm buggy/the vehicle that gets me out of the driveway in the winter.

20// An assortment of cheap sunglasses. My sunglasses theory is similar to my hair band theory except with this addition: the cheaper the sunglasses, the less likely I am to lose them.

21// My cell phone. We have a love/hate relationship but I really couldn’t live with out it.

22// Not pictured: mystery crumbs. I rarely put food in my purse, and when I do, it’s a granola bar still in the wrapper. I have no idea where the crumbs come from, but they kind of gross me out.

Honorable mentions (not in the purse right now, but they can usually be found there):


23// Makeup bag. Often accompanies me everywhere I go, but rarely gets opened once I leave the house, despite containing additional hair ties which I clearly need.

24// My camera. The good blogger in me has intentions of taking pictures of everything I do/see/eat, but the bad blogger in me drinks wine and forgets. Or drinks wine and takes blurry “action shots”. Whoops.

So, yeah, there’s a lot going on in there. I get why Mr. B is afraid to blindly stick his hand in my purse. You really never knows what you might find in there.

What’s lurking in your handbag?


He’s Finally Coming Home!

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First and foremost, I would like to apologize to anyone who clicked on my Sponsor button up there in the header and got redirected to a…umm… male enhancement ad. I’m so sorry! The broken link is fixed, I promise. (Thank you, thank you, thank you for the heads up, Caroline!!)

Anyway, it’s Friday, which is already a pretty great day on it’s own, but this particular Friday is even more awesome because Mr. B is coming home! He’s been working out of a town a lot lately, and he’s been gone all week. I miss him like crazy!




The first week he was gone I was all upbeat about it. Well that sucks, but hey, I’m going to get so much done! I was determined to make the most of it, even if I wasn’t in love with the idea of him being away. And I really did! Turns out, it’s so much easier to be productive when you don’t have a hunk hanging around distracting you and making you laugh. Who knew?

That positive attitude continued, even if I was a little less enthusiastic about it as the time wore on. But this week. Dude. This week has been rough. Don’t get me wrong – it’s been a great week! – but I am missing him something fierce. He’s been gone since early Monday morning, and I’ve been hating it this week. While I still get to talk to him a lot, it’s just not the same. I want him here. With me. Now.

I want to sit next to him on the deck and chat about life. I want to cuddle up on the couch with him. I want a hug and a kiss on my forehead. I want to sit on the living room floor with him and play with the dogs. I want to make him dinner and then drink wine and tweet while he cleans up the mess. Yep, he’s that awesome. (Even if he does pretend to suck at it in an effort to get out of the chore. Which, by the way, was totally working, until Kate pointed out his little scheme. Sorry babe, I’m on to you now.)



I just want him to come home and do the normal stuff with me. Which is exactly what is going to happen in just a few hours. And then he’s never, ever allowed to leave my side ever again.

Unless I get sick of him.

Or need to get some shit accomplished.



Thankful Thursday

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It’s been a good week so far, and I’m feeling like a lucky girl. Life isn’t perfect, obviously, but I’ve got a lot to be grateful for.

I’m thankful for…

…an evening of wine and friendship and tapas on the patio.

…strong coffee the next morning.

…my beyond-generous best friend, who brought me a present when we went out to celebrate her birthday last night. Who does that? PresentsFromJess

…my parents, who always have a bed ready for me to crash in so that I don’t have to drive back to Timbuktu after a late night out with the BFF. They even puppy-sit while I’m out on the town.

…my pups, who are kind enough to take a nap instead of being their boisterous, batshit crazy selves when I’m hungover.

…my brother, for being so completely unable to cook for only two people. When he cooks dinner for his girlfriend, I get several containers full of yummy leftovers.

…horseback rides with my mom on a beautiful fall day. MomSally


…Mr. B, who works so ridiculously hard. No matter how often I tell him, I really don’t think he understands just how much I appreciate all that he does for us. I love that boy.

Ryan driving


What or who are you thankful for?


It’s Just…Different. And We Love It.

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Sami's Shenanigans

My family has a “camp” in the country, which also happens to be not far from where I live now. Growing up, we spent every summer weekend there. We call it “the farm” (because it used to be one, before my family bought it) and it was – and still is – my favorite place in the world.

Now that I live closer, it’s easier to decide to head to the farm on a whim, which is exactly what Mr. B and I did on Saturday. We were going to pick up the tractor, and ended up staying there for a few hours to mow grass and do a little bit of work. It was wonderful.



While we were up there, I noticed something strange: the dogs lose their minds the moment we arrive, and continue to act like little crackheads until we leave. The farm is a place for the extended family to get together, so we usually aren’t there alone. I just assumed that the dogs’ excitement was a result of being around other people and dogs, but after this weekend, I’m not so sure.



As soon as we pulled up to the gate they started bouncing around the car. They bolted out of the car as soon as we opened the door and ran and played for hours.







I understand their excitement over the fresh air, open spaces, all that nature to explore and revel in, but…we have that at home. I mean, we live on a farm. There is a hay field right next to our house. There is a creek in the woods behind our house. Yet, when I open the door and let them outside with the same amount of freedom that they have at the farm, they aren’t nearly as thrilled about it. They do play in the yard and occasionally explore the woods and field, but not with the omg-life-is-GREAT enthusiasm that they reserve for the farm. It’s odd, but adorable.

Honestly, I can’t really blame them, the farm is a magical place. It’s enough to make anyone so filled with joy that they go all batshit crazy and run around like a maniac. Well, it has that effect on me, at least.



Weekend Shenanigans, Farm Style

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It was a good weekend.

(Why do great weekends make Monday mornings extra sucky?)

I can’t even remember what I did on Friday. I think I just fiddled with some blog stuff and relaxed with some wine and my guy, but I really don’t recall. Clearly it was uneventful.

I do remember Saturday though, because it was awesome. My mom came to visit and we played on the farm. We visited the horses, enjoyed lunch and wine on the back deck, and then helped Mr. B and the farmers make hay.



While the menfolk were gathering up the bales of hay, Mom and I admired the awesome old farm equipment.



And when we were putting the hay away in the barn, we found this pretty girl:


She had four teeny little babies, who were so small their eyes weren’t even open yet. They were so precious! But, every time I would get near them, Mr. B and my mother would act like I was approaching (or holding or talking to or trying to kidnap) a ticking bomb. Ok, so maybe I’m liiiittle bit allergic to cats, but that wasn’t going to keep me away from four itty-bitty kitties.

After stacking almost 400 bales of hay in the barn, we came back to the house for a steak dinner and wine and cigars. (I really love when Mom visits, she spoils us.) We stayed up way past our bedtimes, but it was a blast.

Yesterday morning, my mom headed back home and Mr. B finished up some yard work. I spent the day getting ready for the week ahead and catching up on my blog reading. Later that afternoon, while I was lost in blogland, the dogs started losing their freaking minds and scared the living shit out of me. Turns out, Mr. B and Annie were standing in our front yard and the pooches didn’t like it one bit.

Mr. B brought Annie to the house to see if I had any cream for her sun-burned nose. (Because, obviously, it’s easier to bring the horse to the cream than it is to take the cream to the horse.) I slathered a little shea butter on her sniffer, and then Joey practiced his herding skills. In hindsight, we are re-evaluating the choice to let him herd a horse with a person on it (in the front yard, no less), but at the time we were just so thrilled that he wanted to herd something other than the Chihuahua.



Last night Mr. B and I snuggled up with the pups for popcorn and a movie, which was a great way to round out a great weekend.


Sami's Shenanigans

What did you guys get into this weekend? I hope it was fabulous!