Halloween…or Theme Party?

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Happy Halloween!

Sadly, I’m old and boring. I’m not doing much of anything to celebrate Halloween this year, which means I have no fun stories or photos. So I went digging through boxes of old photos looking for pictures of Halloweens gone by. I love dressing up, so I was pretty confident I’d find lots of goodies to share with you all.

Trouble is…lots of the costumes I’ve worn haven’t been for Halloween. There have been lots and lots of theme parties, too. And I’m not entirely sure which costumes were Halloween costumes and which were theme party costumes. #sororitygirlproblems

Let’s play a fun little game of Halloween or Theme Party. (Sometimes also called Why Did The Drunk Girl Wear That Costume?)

Photo #1:



Was it Halloween or a theme party? Theme party. Lingerie theme, actually.

Numero dos:



Did you guess Halloween? Understandable, since the slutty school girl is a popular All Hallow’s Eve choice. But no, you’d be wrong. It was a school girl themed party. By the end of the night we all had ties on our heads.


Feel free to judge me. I understand.

The school girl outfit did get worn again as a Halloween costume, but these pictures are from a theme party.

Round 3:


This one was a theme party. What was the theme? you ask? I have no idea, but there were lots of girls in boas and sunglasses. Bling-bling party, perhaps?

Picture #4:



Halloween or theme party? Halloween. Sorta. It was Homecoming weekend and we were dressed like this to ride on the Top Gun themed float in the parade. After the parade, those of us dressed as sailors joined the rest of our sisters for a Halloween celebration, so it doubled as a Halloween costume that night.



It should also be noted that our float one first place. It was awesome. I really wish I had more photos of it.

I did find one that I’m confident was for Halloween, since it was taken in 1986 – long before I knew about the joys of a good theme party:



Happy Halloween, everyone!






P.S.- I’m making an appearance over on Dog Hair Is An Accessory today – go check it out and say hi to Adriana and Lil!

7 Deadly Sins

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Happy Friday! I’m hooking up with Shane today to celebrate Halloween with the 7 Deadly Sins link-up!


seven great things in your life.
1.  My relationship with Mr. B
2. My pups
3. This blog
4.  My amazing friends
5. The new relationships I’m building with other bloggers
6. My family
7.  My ambition and drive


seven things you lack and covet.
1.  Patience
2. Focus
3. The ability to turn off my brain and unwind
4. Flawless skin, or the skills/tools to fake it
5.  Time
6. Enough energy to conquer the world – or at least my to-do list
7.  Better social skills



seven things that make you angry.
1.  Selfish people
2.  People who act like the whole world is out to get them when their own choices bite them in the ass
3. Going to Walmart
4.  Bad drivers
5.  Amish buggies on busy, winding roads
6. Having to deal with idiot tourists and not having a beach, lake, or decent weather to make up for it
7.  When someone hurts a person I love


seven things that you neglect to do.
1. Reply to texts and/or emails in a timely fashion
2.  Take my makeup off every night (I know, I know!)
3.  Take clothes out of the washer in a timely fashion
4.  Keep my car as clean as I would like
5.  Make the bed every day
6. Fold and put away the clean laundry (anyone else noticing how this list is showing off my ah-mazing housekeeping skills??)
7. Make “me time” a priority



seven worldly material desires.
1.  A few new lenses for my DSLR
2.  A colorful stand mixer
3.  Slouchy gray boots
4. A home somewhere warm
5. A cellphone with decent storage space
6.  An endless travel fund
7. New camera accessories (camera bag, tripod, strap)


seven guilty pleasures.
1.  Stolen afternoons with my horse and my camera
2.  ABC Family movies
3. Wine
4. Garlic-y pasta
5. Caffeine.
6. Lazy summer days on the water
7. Fancy dinners and Broadway shows with my guy


seven things you love about love.
1. Forehead kisses
2. Bear hugs
3.  Movie night snuggles
   4.  Getting to spend my life with my best friend
5. Having a teammate
6. All the laughter and smiles
7.  Not having to take out the trash

I Believe

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…in the value of spending money on experiences instead of “stuff”;

…that Twitter may not actually be as pointless as I once suspected;

…in sarcasm;

…that by the water is the best place to be;

…in expensive mascara and cheap lipgloss;

…in real butter;

…in moonshine in a Mason jar, cheap wine in a big glass, and Ketel One in a dirty martini;

…in the smell of a two-stroke engine;

…in top-down, music-up, party-for-one jam sessions in the car – no matter where I’m going;

…in coffee;

…that snow is welcome from Christmas Eve to New Years Day each year and the rest of the days should be warm and sunny;

…in glitter and tutus and red-soled high heels;

…in mud and trucks and old, worn-in boots;

…in the power of a puppy’s kiss, a daddy’s hug, and a cowboy’s wink.


What do you believe in?


Furniture Fit for a Grown-Up and Other Weekend Shenanigans

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I had such a nice weekend – productive and fun! – and I’m determined to carry that through this week. Especially after last week, which was…not productive. At all.

Sami's Shenanigans

On Saturday morning, Mr. B took the horses to get new shoes while I stayed home to clean up around the house. The trip to the farrier took much longer than usual, so I got lots of me time (as in, I got to do some knitting, paint my nails and spend quality time with Netflix. It was nice.) When he finally returned, we set out for Ikea – a trip we’ve been procrastinating all summer. We have been talking about picking up things for the house for a long while now, but managed to put it off for the last several months in favor of warm weather activities, like boating and day drinking.

On our way home from The Land of Home Furnishing Fabulousness, we stopped at Burgatory and stuffed ourselves. It was glorious. I devoured a burger the size of my head and washed it down with a “salted Nutella crunch” milkshake, which was the richest, gooiest, most heavenly thing I may have ever tasted. I felt like a cow when I was done, but it was amazingggg.


The next morning we unpacked our loot and assembled, arranged and decorated for hours. This is what we ended up with:




1// A real bed for the spare room! Up until yesterday we had an air mattress in there for anyone who wanted to crash with us for the night. To everyone who spent the night on an inflatable on our floor: I’m so very sorry. We finally have a grown up guest room, please come back and enjoy it!

2// A new rug for my office. (It was only $20!!)

3// A new rug for the living room. (Joey planted himself there as soon as we spread it out because obviously it is unacceptable to have even one item in this house that isn’t covered in dog hair.)

4// A cute puppy butt wall hook to hang dog-wiping towel on.

5// A few little mirrors to liven up the office walls. (These weren’t on our shopping list, but for $2-3 each, I couldn’t leave them there.)

6// New pillow covers for the living room, made necessary after a baby Joey ripped a hole in one of the old covers with his stupid-sharp puppy teeth.

Later in the afternoon, my dad came by to drop off his boat (it spends the winter in storage near our house). The three of us went to the marina for a few drinks and a nice dinner. I really enjoy hanging out with my dad, so I’m loving that I’ve gotten to see more of him lately.

It was a great weekend – I got to relax, spend time with the guys I love, and Mr. B and I finally accomplished some crap we’ve been talking about for about six months.

So in the spirit of productivity, I’m off to chug some coffee, make a to-do list, and get some stuff done. Peace out, yo.