Achy Muscles Make Me Happy

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I feel a little bit more like myself today.

The last few weekends have been wonderfully relaxing, but they’ve left me feeling a little blah and lazy. During the warm summer months, we spend almost all of our free time on the boat. I’m active on the boat; wakeboarding, tubing, swimming, and the normal work that goes into boating all keep me constantly moving. But boating season is over, so I haven’t been nearly as active. I haven’t been using my body as much as I normally do, and as a result I’ve felt…lazy.

Fortunately, I had a chance to be more active this weekend. After all the hiking, horseback riding, and ATV riding, I’m sore today. And I love it.



Don’t get me wrong – we are pretty active in general – we just did a little more this weekend. Usually we drive around the farm, this weekend we mostly walked. All summer I’ve been riding with a saddle, this weekend I rode bareback (which is much more of a workout). Usually Sunday evenings are spent relaxing on the couch, last night we ventured outside for an ATV ride before the sun went down. It wasn’t anything crazy, just a little more exercise than I’ve been getting lately – and I feel wonderful because of it.

Do you feel better about life when you are more active? Or is relaxation more rejuvenating for you?

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  • Cindi

    Always feel much better when I’m active! Winter months leave me feeling tired, unless there’s snow to remove 🙂

    • Winter kills me! I don’t want to go outside and the days are so short I’m ready for bed at 6:30.

  • Your photos are incredible. Seriously.

    • Aww thank you, but I can’t take credit for that one – the boy-toy took it 🙂

  • Meg

    I love the soreness I feel every week from crossfit. Its such a good thing, nice knowing that I am working my muscles. LOVE your photos. So pretty!