7 Deadly Sins

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Happy Friday! I’m hooking up with Shane today to celebrate Halloween with the 7 Deadly Sins link-up!


seven great things in your life.
1.  My relationship with Mr. B
2. My pups
3. This blog
4.  My amazing friends
5. The new relationships I’m building with other bloggers
6. My family
7.  My ambition and drive


seven things you lack and covet.
1.  Patience
2. Focus
3. The ability to turn off my brain and unwind
4. Flawless skin, or the skills/tools to fake it
5.  Time
6. Enough energy to conquer the world – or at least my to-do list
7.  Better social skills



seven things that make you angry.
1.  Selfish people
2.  People who act like the whole world is out to get them when their own choices bite them in the ass
3. Going to Walmart
4.  Bad drivers
5.  Amish buggies on busy, winding roads
6. Having to deal with idiot tourists and not having a beach, lake, or decent weather to make up for it
7.  When someone hurts a person I love


seven things that you neglect to do.
1. Reply to texts and/or emails in a timely fashion
2.  Take my makeup off every night (I know, I know!)
3.  Take clothes out of the washer in a timely fashion
4.  Keep my car as clean as I would like
5.  Make the bed every day
6. Fold and put away the clean laundry (anyone else noticing how this list is showing off my ah-mazing housekeeping skills??)
7. Make “me time” a priority



seven worldly material desires.
1.  A few new lenses for my DSLR
2.  A colorful stand mixer
3.  Slouchy gray boots
4. A home somewhere warm
5. A cellphone with decent storage space
6.  An endless travel fund
7. New camera accessories (camera bag, tripod, strap)


seven guilty pleasures.
1.  Stolen afternoons with my horse and my camera
2.  ABC Family movies
3. Wine
4. Garlic-y pasta
5. Caffeine.
6. Lazy summer days on the water
7. Fancy dinners and Broadway shows with my guy


seven things you love about love.
1. Forehead kisses
2. Bear hugs
3.  Movie night snuggles
   4.  Getting to spend my life with my best friend
5. Having a teammate
6. All the laughter and smiles
7.  Not having to take out the trash