5 Things That Are Making Me Smile Today

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I’m in a blah mood this afternoon. I blame the weather. I was perfectly perky this morning when the sun was out, but since the grey clouds rolled in, I’ve lost my oomph. Maybe I just need a nap. Either way, I’m not dwelling. I’m going to switch my attention to more pleasant things.

So, *drumroll please*, here are 5 little things that are making me happy right now:


1. My nail polish. (It’s Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Grey Area) I’d show you a photo of my nails, but I’m a sloppy nail-painter. Just trust me, it’s a great color out of the bottle, too.

2. This cute little fuzz butt. Look, he’s sticking his tongue out in his sleep!

3. Nutella. I don’t get excited about chocolate, like, ever. But Nutella? Yum. Just Yum.

4. My new dryer. It doesn’t fold my clothes and put them away for me, but it’s still pretty awesome.

5. Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. I made a trip to this heavenly shop in Pittsburgh’s Strip District last week and now my fridge is filled with yummy cheeses (fresh asiago and d’affinois) and sun-dried tomatoes and Margharita pepperoni. 


Hmm…now that I look at this list I think I know why I’m out of sorts. 2 of my 5 happy makers are edible, and they are the ones that perk me up the most. Seems I’m hungry. So now I’m off to stuff myself full of cheese and other assorted yummies. 



What are some of the little things that are making you smile today?


  • How can you not get excited about chocolate!? Nutella is good, but I have never bought a jar before. I should really change that. My cousin used to sit on the couch with Nutella and it straight out of the jar. Sometimes she would let me have some.

    • It’s weird, I know! I just don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Yep, that’s how I eat it too, by the spoonful 🙂 Or on raspberries. Mmm…